Gonk, is what Brandon calls milk.

Whenever he wants a drink of milk, he says, "gonk, please."
Sometimes he'll even say, gonkshake.

He really does say please too.
He's our most polite child we've ever had.

Then the polite child started to use his gonk as hair product.
Or should I say Milk Mousse.

I created this post as a memory for our family with Brandon and his Gonk!

He created his hair-do all on his own,
not having any idea of my blog intentions.

Now we have 2 memories.
Gonk and Milk Mousse.


Karen said...

So fun seeing pictures of Brandon. He's looking so grown up. Hunter calls milk bulk.

Kathy said...

LOVE this! What a handsome guy, even with Gonk in his hair!

MollyE said...

Cute! Now, if I could just hear him say gonk....