Some Housekeeping Tips I read about this Summer

I stumbled upon this book over the summer at our local library.

It has great tips for making my home a better place to live in and visit.

I don't entirely recommend the book, though, the author used too many swear words for my taste.
That's the 101 things I hated about the book.

Instead, I'll share some of my favorite tips, so you can be spared the foul language.
  1. Clean up your Front Door & Porch. Make sure the 1st impression and entry to your home is clean and tidy.
  2. Use nice smells throughout your home. It's important.
  3. Use music more in your home. It creates a nice feeling and mood.
  4. Tidy up the Guest Bath on your main floor. Have Soap and Clean towels, have new toilet paper rolls very visible, kleenex, etc.
  5. Use side tables more in your gathering rooms for company & your family to place things.
  6. Even if you don't use your fireplace, have some kind of wood (real or fake) near it. It looks warm, cozy, and inviting. A good decor tip!
  7. Have comfortable chairs - Make that a priority over looks.  In your gathering rooms and at your kitchen table. Your family, and guests will listen to you better if they are comfortable in their chairs. 'The mind can only absorb what the seat can endure'
  8. Make eating/dining more enjoyable, and comfortable. Stop Dining & Dashing
  9. Decorate your home w/ your memories, Show that you live. Display your passions, dreams, and hobbies. This makes a home much more interesting to look at, visit, and live in.
  10. Have a library (Even though you have ebooks) Display your magazines and books more throughout your home. Decorate with what you read more often.
  11. Where books are you need more light.
  12. Take the tv/computer/ipad etc. out of the master bedroom. Show your spouse you matter more to them than all the technology and media. We all need a comfortable environment to sleep and relax in - the technology takes away from that relaxed mood.


Amanda said...

Super ideas! I want to try some of them. Also, you are not the only one on the socks! I have a box full of single socks and the matches just never seem to come through the wash!

Kathy said...

I love these ideas! So simple to do, too! Thanks for sharing so I can avoid the foul language.....why did they add that to a book on making a home more inviting?? Seems like a definite less-inviting home with that kind of talk going on!