Summer Backpacks & Summer 2012 List

I made summer backpacks for my kids.

I've never tried this before, we'll see if it works?!

I used my 4 older kids school backpacks.

In the backpacks:
swim towel
swim goggle
water gun
sun hat
hand sanitizer
band aids
smallish drawing pad w/ colored pencils, a pencil, and pen
water bottle
library bag & library summer reading sheet
a book

(I'm sure you could think of other ideas for your kids' backpacks:
insect repellent, activity pads-crosswords, dollar store items, etc.)

The goal:
Each child is in charge of their backpack.
They should bring it wherever they go.

I'll remind them not to put wet towels in their backpack, and
they don't need to bring the whole backpack inside each library visit.

I also included a mini notebook in each backpack
with our summer list of things to do.
This is to combat boredom.
I sharpie-marked most things in their backpacks as well.
I don't want any fighting over who took whose sunscreen.
This will help them be responsible for their own items.

Our Summer 2012 List:
Card Games
Hot Wheel Races on our Driveway
Have a Bike Wash
Learn about London
Check out a book from the library about the Stars
Visit our local zoo and aquarium, have the kids make a drawing of something they see while we visit.
Play Hotel, Pet Store, or Target
Learn how to do the Laundry
Have Lunch with Dad
Decorate a shoebox to collect your summer treasures
Make a Photo Nature ABC Book
Make Float Boats

We may not do all these things, but at least I have some peace of mind with a list.

Lists always make me feel better.

I like to keep our summer mornings mellow and screen free. (No tv, computer, or iPhone)
Chores, piano practicing, etc. should be done in the mornings
before afternoon activities and going to friend's houses.

Let Summer Begin. . . .HAVE FUN! Right?!?????www.designmom.com/2011/12/diy-sharpie-dyed-underwear/#more-15015


AmyMak said...

Great idea about the packbacks and great list! You should submit this to powerofmoms - they are seeking submissions on summer with kids.

MollyE said...

Wow, those backpacks look awesome!!! I am so excited to do summer bingo again, that was a huge success last summer. This activity list is very helpful, must steal from it.