End of School Year Activities

Lindy sang in the 4th grade choir.
She had to be at school half an hour early for practice once a week.
We're proud of her for sticking through it for the whole year.
She sang a duet with her good friend, Morgan.

Tate sang in his Kindergarten Choir.
Can you tell they are all doing a good job singing?

Then Tate held up the letter Q for the alphabet song in his classroom.
This song was very exciting!

I was invited to a Mother's Day Tea in Tate's class.
He made me that pretty hat.
I wish I could have worn it to watch the Kentucky Derby.

Here is Tate with his classmate Matthew.
They like to get into trouble together.
Can you tell by their grins?

Lindy participated in a Wagon-Ho Field Day at school.

Lindy completed her first Diorama of a River Otter.

Lindy was in her classroom skit of the Cheetah and the Sloth.
It's the same story as the tortoise and hare.
The Cheetah was confident and exercising with a lot of energy,
and Lindy the Sloth moved S L O W L Y for some light stretching before the race.
Guess who won?
Lindy, the Sloth!

I guess Kyle's class didn't do much at the end of the year.
I don't have any photos of him.

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Karen said...

Cute, cute!! Fun actuvities