My house is for the Birds, literally

Last week I was doing my usual routine - trying to get ready for the day
by getting dressed, combing my hair,
and applying make-up concealer under my eyes to hide my dark circles.

As usual, I was interrupted - my hair never got fixed or the makeup applied.
(A daily occurrence.)

Tate came up to my bathroom, "Mom, there's a bird in our house."

I knew he was serious and I calmly walked down the stairs to assess how bad the situation really was.

All the while muttering under my breath, of course this would happen. OF COURSE!

Luckily, the bird was in our front room, that has doors.
The bird wasn't flying all over the house.
The bird was contained. Phew!!! A tender mercy, for sure.

But, Brandon was crying, and Sadie and Tate were excited.

The bird kept banging into the Living Room window.
Becoming dazed, losing feathers, and pooping on my curtains, floor, and window.

I knew I needed another adult, for emotional support, advice, and just help to resolve this little crisis.
Sometimes, it takes 2 people to solve a problem.

I called my neighbor, she was home, and said she would be right over.
Another tender mercy.  Thank goodness for those.

We were able to get into the room and open 1 of the windows and pop the screen off.
But, the bird kept staying at the 2nd window and not flying into the window that would set him free.

My neighbor had the idea to use a broom to get him off the window.
The bird hung out on the floor for awhile. He was scared.
We quickly made our move by opening the 2nd window and screen.
It was a good hour before the bird finally flew out the open window.

(Lindy was working on some flower project, and left her project on our living room couch???
Pardon my mess I have kids and birds in my house.)

Do you remember last year when a bird was stuck in my garage?

Yeah, my house is for the birds.

Dear husband,

I think we should put one of these on our front doors, so a bird doesn't fly in our house again.


MollyE said...

OH I want one of those too!! Our house is for flies and bees.

Heidi said...

That is my worst nightmare. We have 3 nests on our porch right now. We keep trying to get rid of them and they keep coming back. We do have a storm door so maybe we're safe. Glad everybody survived.