Those family photos

Over 3 years ago we had our family pictures taken.
Sadie, our 4th child, was just a baby.
The last family photo shoot went okay.
Sadie was crying and fussy (later that afternoon she came down with a fever),
the boys ran away from the photographer,
and Chris kept pointing to his watch - signaling to me he was done.

Lucky for me, the photographer got a couple good shots of our family.

(Our family, 2008)

Just recently, Chris mentioned we should get a new family photo.

Really???!!!! I was excited. My husband was up to the challenge.

I didn't delay and scheduled a photo shoot right away.

She was great to work with.
She loves what she does,
and took the extra time to find the right location for our family's interests.
She was a good calm influence for the boys,
and was nice to work with for our large family and wandering kids.

The day of our family photo, we tried to keep the day low-key.
But, in the end it was still stressful getting everyone dressed and ready for the photo.
Brandon was fussy, wanting to be held, not letting me get ready.
Kyle came down with terrible allergies, puffy red eyes.
Lindy was asking me over and over what earrings she could wear,
and what hair accessory to use,
while I was holding fussy Brandon, trying to put make-up on.
We couldn't get the boys to come in and get dressed.
There were last minute clothes changes as some certain boys
refused to wear the assigned outfits chosen ahead of time.

We had to drive about 20 min. to our photo spot.
The kids fought the whole way in the car.
Poking, teasing, kicking seats, etc.
You name it, they were loud.

We were in the perfect moods for smiling. (Hah, hah!)

Yep, we are one happy family.


Sally said...

I think they turned out great! I keep meaning to tell you whenever I see you, but keep forgetting. And the one with your girls is so cute!

MollyE said...

They did turn out cute. I like the one on the bridge the best. Your family is adorable, really!!!

Tricia said...

I LOVE them. Such a great family...and adorable too! :)

Cynthia Peterson said...

Thanks so much for sending me the link to these! It's always fun to see what your favorites are. You've got some great kids and a beautiful family, it was a pleasure to work with you!

Janis said...

Wow! These are great!! What a beautiful family!!