A mini Saturday Project

One Sat. afternoon I organized my jewelry.

I got these clear hook thingys at
the container store, and nailed them to a wall in my closet.

(One time, when I was visiting my mom,
I noticed she had these in her closet.
I loved them.)

I love seeing all my necklaces and bracelets on display.
It adds color and something interesting to see in my closet.
It's so much easier to quickly pick something out.

I still joke this is my secret way to fake having it all together;
by wearing some jewelry.

Next, I picked up this hanger thingy to hang in my closet,
that displays my earrings, rings, and other odds and ends.

I found this at Gordmans.
(A new store in my town that's like a glorified TJ Maxx.)

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