Somebody's Turning 4,

and SHE'S SUPER EXCITED about it.

Sadie's Special Day is Today!
She wanted to go to Build-A-Bear.
She made this Bear and named her

Tonight we will celebrate with cake,
and a couple more presents.

Sadie has been very patient,
waiting for HER birthday.
Everyone in our family
started having birthdays last Fall,
and she is the last of our family to have a birthday this year.
It is hard for her to be patient, while everyone else has a birthday
and she has to wait until MAY.

Coming Soon: Photos from Chris' 40th B-day Bash! Stay Tuned!

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Karen said...

Happy happy birthday, little miss Sadie!! We hope you had a great day!! Haylee said now that you are four like her, you will be as tall as her! We miss you!!