Someone's turned 40,

and he's super EXCITED about it!

Chris' childhood friend, Dustin, is in the back dancing too.
Dustin was also super excited to celebrate with Chris!

We threw Chris a party for turning 40!
We rented a dj from Rocky Mountain Roll, danced, and played games.
We invited a lot of family and friends, 
and borrowed our church's gym for the event.
 Hanging out with Sisters and Brothers.
Giant Checkers
A little basketball
Playing a Giant Jenga Game
Uncle Trent, (Chris' brother, who's coming on 40 next)
beat everyone out in the Limbo contest!
Friends filling out a quiz - 40 fun facts about Chris.
Chris reveals his answers to his 40 fun fact quiz.
 The captive audience listens in to see if they got the right answers to the quiz.

We all had a great time!
Thanks for coming out and supporting Chris and our family.
We can't wait for 40 more years with Chris.
When he's 80 will throw the same party, and see him dance to MC Hammer and do the limbo again!

Happy 40th Chris!
We love you!


Karen said...

Looks like the best party ever!! So sad we couldn't be there! Where did you get those fun games???

Katie said...

The dj brought them.
What are we both doing up so late?

MollyE said...

I really can't say enough how fun this party was! I will remember it forever and talk about what a blast it was for my whole family! Thanks Chris and Katie!