What should I get my husband?

How long have you been married?

I'm going on 13 years. Exciting, right?

I'm a romantic.

But, honestly, I'm running out of ideas for what to get Chris
year after year for Valentines, his b-day, father's day, Christmas, and our anniversary.

Growing up, I remember always giving my dad - socks or black licorice.
Is that what we are suppose to give husbands and dads year after year?

For Christmas I had a gift idea to give Chris.
It was easy to put together.
He seemed to really like and appreciate it. (Or at least acted like he did.)

I gave him 12 dates.
One for each month.
I tried to do dates he would like.

Jan: a local b-ball date

Feb: A ski date

Mar: A movie date

Apr: A b-day date

May: A dinner date

June: An exercise date

July:  A date of your choice

Aug: A hike date

Sept: A football game date

Oct: An indoor kart race date

Nov: A group date

Dec: A 14th anniversary date

I printed it out on a piece of paper and wrapped it up.
I love it too. Something to look forward to. 
Our youngest is getting older (easier to leave with a sitter)
Our oldest is getting older (someone to help the hired sitter)
This is a good year for us to get out and have some fun, just Chris and I.

This may or may not be an idea for you.
My sister, Molly, is great at her weekly date night.
But, I thought I would share this idea with you anyway.

Happy Valentine's Day, Chris

This post is dedicated to you!
This Christmas gift is going to keep on giving!

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AmyMak said...

Love the date idea. I should do that. My husband is getting a rolling pin for Valentine's :)