Too much tv?

Of course, I worry if my kids watch too much tv.

I recently discovered I shouldn't worry about it as much, anymore.

Lindy participated in her 4th grade class geography bee.
Surprisingly, she won 1st place for her class.
Then, she competed for the whole school among 5th and 6th graders
and placed 2nd for the whole school.

(cell phone photo of Lindy competing at the school geography bee)

I was shocked, we don't study or talk about geography very much.
I take no credit for Lindy performing well at school.
I just try to make sure she wears a coat and feed her peanut butter sandwiches.
That's all I do.

When I asked her how she knew some of the answers, she replied seriously, "from Scooby Doo".
My mouth hung open, as she explained,
the Scooby Gang solved a mystery about Australia and the great barrier reef.
The exact question which she needed to know an answer for.

Go figure???!!!!


Heidi said...

Awesome! I wonder how watching High School Musical over and over will help my girls in school.

MollyE said...

Wow, good job Lindy!! That is very impressive.

Kathy said...

I love it! Scooby Doo!! Go Lindy!!! You owe her some serious Scooby snacks after that!