Here are some of the many things
I've said to my children 
to bribe them into doing something for a piece of gum.

"I'll give you a piece of gum if you. . .

1. sit still so I can cut your bangs."
2. go to school."
3. get dressed for church"
4. go to church."
5. go to your room and be quiet."
6. give your church talk."
7. move away from your brother."
8. do a job."
9. practice the piano."
10. put your bum down on your chair."
11. do your homework."
12. clean your room."
13. wear your coat."
14. get a shot."
15. stop crying."

I can honestly say it works every time.
They move into action so quickly,
like they've never had a piece of gum before and they'll never have one again.

Here are some more things I've been thinking about:

1. My sister, Molly, revamped her cooking blog.
I love it, great inspiration for a recipe or two.
Go check it out.

2. I just discovered coconut milk helps make great fruit smoothies. You should try it.

I had extra milk from trying this recipe.
Don't get the milk in the powdered milk section
of your grocery store.
Make sure to get some from the Asian aisle at your
grocery store.

3. My Aunt Kathy just lived through 3 full days without power and water.
She shares some tips on enduring a circumstance like that.
I think they are great ideas and a good resource for getting prepared.

4. Lastly, I'm finally getting my energy back after having a baby.
It seems to take awhile before I feel normal again.
Now, I want to tackle and do lots of project and things.
I don't like starting something: a business phone call, reading, the to-do list, home decor,
creative projects, organizing, etc. if I'm going to be interrupted.
Which is ALL THE TIME. ( I really need to get over this problem - tackling projects with interruptions. But, the baby always crawls into what I'm doing and the 3 year old wants to help.)
So, I'm finding myself staring at the walls and ceiling not doing any of the fun things on my to-do list.
I'm actually feeling bored. This sounds crazy, because I have a million things to do.
But, I can't really start any of them. And so it goes . . .another round of singing the itsy-bitsy spider.


Stacey said...

That's funny. Your pics on the side look great too!

MollyE said...

I love this post. My kids are getting into gum now. Nathan ate an entire pack yesterday. Not good.