My Kid's Valentine's

I don't normally encourage this type of activity -
making homemade Valentine's.

But, this year, I just felt like it.
Through blogging and pinterest there are so many fun valentine ideas.
I think, some of them are fairly simple to make.

I showed my kids some of the ideas,
and they each picked out something they wanted to do.
They even helped make them. Bonus!

For Lindy - we made cell phone Valentines. Inspiration found here.

We used silver card stock. We used a playing card for the tracing pattern.
I bought candy buttons, sugar sticks, and valentine stickers at a craft store.
I used flat glue dots for our adhesive and scotch tape to stick the sugar sticks on.

For Kyle - we took a photo with his hand held out. Inspiration found here.
This valentine is a popular idea with the lollipop stick. Have you seen that idea?
I used my photo software to put the text on the photo.
I saved the image as a jpeg, then sent the image to Costco's photo service,
and printed out 4X6 photos.
We used a glue dot to attach the candy to his hand.

For Tate - I printed out 4 cards on an 8.5 X 11 card stock sheet. Inspiration found here.
It was a blank heart that Tate could draw the face and arms himself.
He loved it. He likes to draw and had fun making it personal for his classmates.
Red for girls, Blue for boys. Freckles for some, and muscles for others.
It took him a couple days, but it was good project for him, that he wanted to do.


Kathy said...

Love these!! Pinterest is great! Your kids did a fantastic job!

Stacey said...

They all turned out so well!

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MollyE said...

Love, love, love!!!