December B-Day Kiddos

My youngest, Brandon, was born on Christmas Eve.
He had his 1st b-day this past Christmas Eve.

We celebrated his b-day for about a minute during the family Christmas Eve festivities.

I'm still working out the details of how to celebrate this b-day.
We didn't even do a cake with candles.
We did manage to sing to him, and he opened up a present.

His 1st year passed quickly.
He is good-natured and pleasant.
He loves to be part of the family.
I can tell he is happy to be here with us.
We are grateful he is here with us.

He has been known a time or two to say:

He isn't walking yet, but likes to be standing using furniture.
He mostly sleeps through the night.
He is fun and cute, but busy and lots of work.
He is into everything, gets bored quickly, and must be watched at all times.
When he's awake, that is the only thing I can do - take care of him.

I always forget that 1 year olds and newborns are lots of work.
They look so cute, cuddly, and fun.

My oldest daughter Lindy turned 10 a few days after Christmas.
We were still at my parent's home, and celebrated simply with
brownie sundaes and a rousing game of apples to apples.

She was nervous, worried, excited, and a little scared all in one about having them done.
It went fine, and said it felt like having her brother, Kyle, pinch her hard.
She loves having pierced ears, and has been great at keeping them clean.
She can't wait to start changing her earrings out.
I think this week she can start!
Last week she spent some b-day money on getting her first
pair of earrings. There were so many to choose from.
She had a hard time deciding which pairs to get.

We love having Lindy in our family.
She is the best at being the oldest.
She sets a good example.
She loves school and reading.
She is responsible and helpful.
She's enjoying playing football at recess with the boys??!!
(She begs me almost everyday can I play on a flag football team?)
She's playing the piano and participates in the school choir.
She still loves horses.
 It looks like she turned 11 with the candles!?
How did that happen?


Karen said...

I love your family and glad we got to celebrate Christmas and this past week with you! Lindy did tell me about her football playing. I'm very proud of her. There is nothing better than a girly girl playing football!!

MollyE said...

Fun pictures. I can't wait to see Lindy's new earrings. Football and earrings? A great combo!

Janis said...

I love seeing all these pictures of your family! It's fun watching them grow up. Don't worry, he'll love his Christmas Eve birthday!!