A quick trip to UT

A couple of weekends ago our family headed to Utah.
My cousin, Josie, was married to Brad in the Mt Timpanogos temple. Congrats to them both!
It was an exciting and a happy occasion!
(photo from my Aunt Janis)

We also had some time to do a variety of things in Utah over the weekend.
My parents were in town too, along with a couple of my sisters.

We each had different ideas of what we wanted to do in Utah.
The adults and kids all wanted to do something different.

One shouted that they wanted to go to Lagoon right now, others wanted to shop, some wanted to swim, another wanted to hike, some wanted to see Dinosaurs, or visit a zoo, some wanted to see Temple Square, or see Pioneer monuments. Others demanded treats & ice cream.
I won't say who wanted what or who did the demanding and shouting.

Someone suggested we visit and hike up to the Mount Timpanogos Cave.
It was an intense hike - up hill, to have a guided tour through a long cave.
It was hot, and a difficult hike with the kids, but we did good and enjoyed the views.
The kids liked being inside the cave.

Here's proof we did the hike:


Chris & Brandon
My parents on top of the mountain.
My mom is wondering where the shopping is up there.

Love this photo of my kids inside the cave.  The boys are totally into the cave thing.
I'm pretty sure Sadie shouldn't have a sucker in the cave.
(I broke the 'no food rule' too, in front of the park ranger;
I loudly asked for an animal cracker for Brandon.)

After the long, tiring hike we went back to our hotel.
The adults were exhausted and tired. We assumed the kids would be too.
I guess they rested in the car for a few minutes.
They loudly ran around the small hotel room,
and I wondered if I could possibly survive another moment of being a mother.
Swimming the kids seemed to help matters. I opted for the hot tub.

The next day the zoo was too crowded.
Right across the street from the Hogle Zoo is the "This is the Place" Monument.
There is a large park/musuem you can visit that takes you back in time.
There are lots of activities and things you can learn with the kids. It was a nice day.

We went through a tour of a Brigham Young House

The kids rode ponies and pet a 1 week old baby goat.

The kids panned for Gold.
We rode trains, witnessed a shoot-out, did laundry the old fashioned way,
made indian necklaces, churned butter, watched a blacksmith, etc.
There were a lot of fun things for the kids to do all day.

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Karen said...

I've heard that's a pretty intense hike. Proud of the fam for taking that on. Looks fun though. Haylee was talking about Sadie all day today. She kept wondering when we were going to play with her again. Sad. But at least I get to say next month now. Well kind of. I guess we won't get there until Sept.