Lindy's got me hooked

I'm not sure how many season's America's got Talent has been on TV.
This summer, Lindy has gotten me hooked on it.
She would watch it, and I would find myself listening and watching more than I wanted to admit.
I find myself wishing and hoping when a new episode will be on.

I think it might have something to do with Howie. Isn't he hilarious? I think he makes the show!
But the people too. All the people trying out. I laugh every night.  It feels good to laugh.
The characters and then the surprise of a group or person who really is talented.

P.S. I wonder why they have 2 British judges and a Canadian judge for America's Got Talent?!

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Sara @ Our Best Bites said...

We've never been into that show either, but my parents watch it so we kind of got hooked a few weeks ago when we were there visiting and now we're dvr'ing it!

PS- I miss you, let's get together soon!