Look! I discovered Instagram

Instagram is a free camera/app you can use on your iphone or ipad.
You can take photos and with the press of a button add a different filter to your photos.

Adding a filter means you can change the lighting and color of a photo to enhance your photos.

I've heard about the app, and finally downloaded it one day when I was in the car, a little bored, and waiting for the kids and family to finish an activity.

It has changed my life. I used to HATE taking cell phone photos.
Now I LOVE taking cell phone photos.
With this app every BAD cell phone photo, is now AWESOME!
There are no more terrible cell phone photos for me anymore.

I love it so much, I even made a new blog called Look!
Ooops, I think I'm totally addicted. This is not good.
Chris has had to order me several times to put the cell phone down.
I'm just as bad as a 10 year old playing a nintendo DS.

Here is an example of why I like it so much.

Before: (A Bad Cell Phone Photo - I couldn't zoom in on the deer or adjust the lighting/flash.)

After:(A cool piece of Art!)

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