Good Bedtime Stories

I love great children's books. The ones that make me laugh out loud.

This scene from Despicable Me makes me laugh. It's Fantastic!
I can totally relate to the bedtime scene and Gru's feelings about a bad written story.

If I have a good story to read to my kids, it makes the end of the day/bedtime so much better for me.
This one made me laugh recently. I loved it.

This one is good too. But, the best story from this book is called "Snowsuits" on pg. 45.
It's Hysterical. I LOVE IT, LOVE IT! After a very long, long ordeal of the mother, in this story, trying to get her kids dressed to play in the snow. The mother goes to get herself ready. When she comes back, after asking her kids to sit very still, all of the kids' snow clothes are strewn all over the floor.

The mother in this story says, "What happened?"
The kids reply, "We got too hot".

The rest of the story is so great that I included the exact text for you:

"Mother sat very still on the couch.
'What are you doing?' asked Oliver.
'I am crying', said Mother.
'You can't cry,' said Oliver. 'Mothers don't cry'
'Well, I am', said Mother.
Oliver climbed into Mother's lap. 'Don't cry, sweet potato,' he said. 'We will be nice'.
Amanda gave Mother a kiss.
Mother dried her eyes. 'I am finished crying,' she said."

My kids and I get the giggles every time we read this.  I laugh about the mother crying and my kids laugh when Oliver calls his mom a sweet potato and says we will be nice.

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