Walmart Cart Disease!

My 4 older children together are currently suffering
from some bad form of stomach flu.
The kind that lasts longer than 24 hrs.

When I talked to a nurse about my problems this morning, 
she said it sounds like a bad case we got from a
'Walmart shopping Cart'.

Now that she mentions it, we did take the whole family to Walmart on Saturday.
Where I witnessed a kid throw up in the middle of the store.

Our fridge died over the weekend.
We scrambled to save what food we could.
I knew it was dying when my nightly ritual of ice cream became softer and softer each night.

Last week, I think, ( I'm loosing track of time.)
Tate had his first bad reaction to allergy season.
He couldn't swallow.
The week before that his leg swelled up from a vaccination.

Sadie had a UTI.
Chris had a sore on his arm.
We took Brandon in for his post op apt.
He's fine, but still another apt. to a dr's office.

My life to say the least feels hectic.

How are all of you?
Better than us, I hope.

I love this post today.
The conf. talk with the post is great too!

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