2 things from Real Simple I loved this month.

1. I always need fashion help, these days.

I saw this in the Real Simple May magazine. Loved it!
It is a worksheet you can use to go through the clothes in your closet, analyze what went wrong with clothing you have (Fantastic!), and know exactly what to get the next time you are out shopping for a new clothing item. Totally perfect for me. A great idea!

Someday, I plan to fill it out, study it, and use it to help me in the near far, away long-time future.
(I don't have time for this project in my life now, hence the fashion problems I have regularly.)

2.  Make a cake from scratch & great frosting recipes & tips for frosting.
I think this is so inspiring. Making a cake from scratch. A great idea.
It is so homemaky; instead of making a cake out of a box.
Someday, I may (very doubtful) actually do this.
I love white chocolate chips. I could stare at this photo for hours.


Rebecca said...

The cake does look good, but it is the cake stand that really makes it look so great. Go buy a funky fun cake stand instead!

AmyMak said...

Got your comment - thanks! And yes, I looked up Lisa's blog and commented. She has since emailed! What fun to know another writer in the trenches. She's pretty down right now - it's so hard to write something you love and get so many rejections. Thanks for the connection. I'd love to read her work. Good luck with the fridge - I think I'd rather have a broken dryer :(