Mother's Day gifts 2011

I think everyone is starting to feel better. Phew! What a week for being a nurse for me.

I wanted to post my homemade Mother's Day gifts.
They meant everything to me this particular year.
I loved them all.

Each child was so excited to give them to me. It was cute. I loved it.
They grinned from ear to ear to show me what they made.
Kyle had stayed home from school sick, but later in the afternoon decided to go to school just to bring home what he had made me for Mother's Day.

Kyle made me a recipe holder with
a recipe to make Cinnamon Toast.
Tate made me a special drawing, and gave me marigold seeds.
He helped me plant them in our yard.
Tate has also been great at giving me dandylions.
This always cracks me up, when kids give their mom weeds.

Lindy made me a ceramic dish.
It's the perfect color-I'm hoping to decorate my room with chocolate browns.
Now I have a perfect place to keep all the little things from all over the house.

(Isn't the envelope cute? It is a brown bag lunch sack. A clever craft idea!
Just fold in thirds, cut triangle shape, then glue scrapbook paper or ribbon for embellishments.)

In this black folder, Kyle had a piece of paper where he answered questions about me.
I always get a kick out of their answers.
Kyle said:
He likes it when I tickle him.
He thinks I'm best at making dinner,
and I'm smart because I can make German pancakes.
I'm pretty as a Mom.
He likes to make me smile by saying silly things.


Karen said...

Oh dear, I had no idea you guys were sick!! Until I read your walmart post. I'm glad you're over it now. What cute mother's day gifts!

The Rice Pad said...

I have heard those things call so many different things. We call them Oven Puff Pancakes! I really don't thing it matters, they are just supper yummy. Have you tried making them in a muffin pan? Lots of fun!