More Popsicles

I've been to the grocery store a couple of times since I've had the new baby.

My mind is totally gone.

I wander the aisles wondering what I should buy.
I know we need food, but what food?

I used to be clever and smart.
Back then, I had a list of all the ingredients I would need, with meals planned.

Now, I buy lots of strange things that have nothing to do with meals or dinner.
Boxes and boxes of popsicles. Loads of frozen waffles.
Bottles of salad dressings, not even on sale. Big jars of pickles.
Packs of gum. A pineapple that had gone bad. And crutons.

Maybe it's not all bad. We had a lot cousins over for popsicles one night.
Now, my sister, Molly, thinks popsicles are a good idea,
and of course I send my children outside in the dead of winter with popsicles.

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MollyE said...

THis post really made me laugh today.