Courage to do the Impossible!

Do you all know the story about Aron Ralston?
The hiker who got stuck in a canyon for several days.
He was by himself, and finally, to escape - cut off his arm with a dull knife.

Just recently he has been on tv again telling his story.

I've been inspired by a new detail he is sharing about his ordeal.
He wasn't married at the time he experienced this ordeal.

The main thing that inspired him to go through with cutting off his arm was his family.
He knew the reality of cutting off his arm would most likely cause him to bleed to death.
He knew he was dying from the elements and lack of food and water;
he had a premonition, if you will, of a little boy with blue eyes.
He saw that little boy run to him, excited to see him.
Aron knew it was his future. His own little boy that would be born to him someday.
Aron found the courage to do the impossible;
thinking of his parents, extended family, and future family.

About 7 years after his horrific experience, that little boy was born to he and his wife!


MollyE said...

Cute!! That was inspiring. Thanks!


Yes, I do remember that story! Loved hearing a followup! Very cool!

Christie said...

I read his book when it came out and it was fantastic. He talked about the premonition of his son, as well as all the horrific details of the arm cutting. Made me cry. Such an inspiring story. No way would I make it out of that canyon.