I Like That We Are More Alike

I'm sorry if a lot of my bloggy blogginess is about motherhood, kids, babies, marriage etc.

It is the season of my life for now. So I write about it and record it.

I read this article in the February Ensign. I loved it, really loved it.

It made me think more about all women - no matter our circumstances or season of life.

The Pioneer, by Robert Barrett

I like knowing we are all alike more than different.

We all have worries and fears.
We all get sick or tired.
We each have work and jobs to do.
We have to think about money.
We are all part of a family and need to get along with family members.
We all have to eat and wonder what to eat for dinner tonight.
We have to figure out what outfits will look good on us.
We stress about our hair or how we should style our hair. Should we cut it? Dye it?
We think about the men in our lives. Those that are here or missing.
We have to clean our rooms and launder our clothes.
We have dreams and have experiencied life's disappointments.
We think about our weight.
We all make mistakes.
We are each working on our spiritual selves.
We have mood swings and cranky days.
We can feel lonely. We wonder if we are liked or accepted.

The list could go on, but you get the idea.
For the most part we all think and worry about the same stuff everyday.

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Great point!!! Thanks for sharing. I think we've been 'trained' to notice differences and NOT similarities. Yes, we are all very alike.....that is refreshing, isn't it!