My thoughts runneth over. . .

Brandon gave me his first official smile today. That was nice.

How many times can we eat frozen pizza in a week?

I have 3 full time jobs. 1-Baby 2-House (food, dishes, laundry, clutter, etc.) 3-Tate and Sadie
I'm so confused about which job I'm suppose to do. If I do 1 of those jobs, the other 2 are neglected- which turns ugly FAST.

Downton Abbey on PBS on Sun. nights was great! Sad that we have to wait tooooo long for the next part. . .rumors that it will be next fall.

I forgot how to take care of a baby. When they are awake what do you do with them?

My 2 older boys always come downstairs dressed in dirty, stained shirts. I explain what a dirty shirt is, and where to get a clean shirt in their room. Yet, they still come down in dirty shirts. They must be helping me with the laundry situation-less clothes to wash-they know I'm behind.

I feel bad I did the homemade valentine post, about making cute valentine's.
I'm soooo not doing that this year.

When do babies start sleeping through the night?

Egypt in the news is fascinating to me.
I can't believe the history I'm witnessing and how it will all play out.

My 2 kids at home go from computer, to tv, to video game, to smart phone all day.
It's starting to drive me crazy. But it's really cold outside, sicknesses are going around(better to keep them home for now), and I have 2 other full time jobs - a newborn and house stuff that badly needs attention.
So, what is a mother to do??? I don't know, sigh.

Don't judge me for blogging regularly. It makes me happy, I can do it pretty fast, and is a nice hobby and pleasant distraction in the middle of all this life stuff I face everyday.

I do feel like a blog nerd, though. Meaning everyone's blog seems cooler than mine. Cooler photos with a cool camera, cooler followers with loads of cool commenters, cooler things to post about, cooler things happening in their life, cooler blog designs and layouts, etc. Oh well, I think about it for a minute and then post my nerdy stuff, anyway.

In case, anyone is wondering, Sadie has adjusted to new baby just fine. Every now and again she gets mad when she's holding him the wrong way, and we have to take him back then she gets real MAD at us or she has a cry time. But all in all she seems fine.  She acts like a regular 2 yr old with new baby or not, all 2 yr. olds have their moments.

Our weather is fine, I feel bad for others suffering through, all the crazy snow, sleet, ice and wind.

That's all for now


Kristen said...

What a great post. I think we have talked about this before, but doesn't it take about a year after baby before we start to feel "normal" again? Or at least like you can get a couple of things accomplished in a day, rather than little or nothing.

Stacey said...

I love your posts. I think everyone always thinks everyone else's blogs are cooler.

I can't wait for Downton Abbey to start up again, sad it may be the fall.

MollyE said...

I think you have a great blog! I was wondering about that valentine post. I was feeling like a real loser for already having bought mine. I am even mad they have to write on them. How annoying. Who reads them anyway?