A 12 yr anniversay

Also, in the middle of b-days, Christmas,
 the new baby, and sickness; Chris and I had our 12 year anniversary.

The above sentence kind-of explains what marriage means to me right now.
There is always a lot of life going on when you get married.
Life can be fun and romantic, but there is a lot of other life stuff in between.

Marriage, to me now, is much more than what
I've watched or seen in a great, love story movie.

When all is said & done, I'm so grateful the stars aligned just right for Chris and I to meet.
I'm grateful we decided to marry in the temple for eternity.
Eternity doesn't seem so long or undefinable to me when I'm married to Chris.
Eternity is clear thing for me knowing I'm married to Chris.

Sure, we make mistakes, should go on more dates, and we keep working on our marriage.

I love being married to Chris.
I love going through all the life stuff with him.
I really like having him there for the day to day, everything in between stuff.

He's much more fun than a 2-hour love story movie any day.



Happy Anniversary!

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