Taking care of kids and a house is a very dirty job. (At times even disgusting.)
Diapers, runny noses, dishes, laundry, toilets, base boards, dust, bed sheets, etc.

Over the years, I have come to appreciate 2 things that I enjoy everyday.
I didn't understand how much I would love these 2 things when I was a teenager and a new bride.

The 2 thing are:
My diamond wedding ring and good smelling perfume.

They make me feel beautiful, regal, and special amongst all the muck.

I've decided, for me, perfume is not just for date nights or church. It is for everyday!
I like scents that aren't too strong, just fresh & pretty smelling.

If you need some good perfumes to consider,
read this post from design mom and the comments.

Do you remember when I lost my ring? and who found it?

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