I watch a lot of tv when I have a newborn

Here are some shows that I've watched - that have caught my attention.

Human Target on Fox Wed. nights
My husband says I like the show because the main star,
looks and acts just like him.
 I totally agree!
They could be twins!!

Downton Abbey on Sundays for the PBS Masterpiece Classic Series
Here is the full winter tv schedule for the PBS Masterpiece Classics
I love this every winter.

I watch reruns of this show on cbs.
I got into this show when I was pregnant for the late nights.
It took me a few shows to get into it.
Kyra Sedgwick's accent is kinda weird.
You get used to it though, and then you love her character.

Still like Castle on ABC
The romance is building . . .

Just saw this once, but I liked it.
Always a fan of Chris O'Donnell,
father to 5 kids, seems like a good, nice normal family man in real life.

I've tried to get into Blue Bloods Tom Selleck's new show, but can't really.

I've watched some Oprah too:
JK Rowling's interview,
a family that had their only 3 children die - then to have triplets born to them later, 
behind the scenes of her show.
It was kind of interesting.

The View is not really good tv at all.
But, from my mom, learned Barbra Walters is like 80 or something.
That is amazing, really.
She interviewed David Letterman, one day on her show that was interesting.

I like to watch a little of Kelly on Regis.
She is peppy and still has funny mom real life jokes.

A lot of these shows have to do with murder.
What is wrong with me?



You crack me up!

Stacey said...

I LOVE Downton Abbey. I so hooked on it. I heard they are going to film 8 more. I am so excited!

I also love Castle and Kelly (from Regis and Kelly). I love to watch shows that make me happier when I am done watching them...plus they make ironing and other boring tasks more fun!!

Congrats on your sweet baby! Can't wait to hear your labor story. What a cutie he is!