Q & A with Katie and Brandon

 Photography by Sara Wells

Q: How are you feeling?
K:I'm s l o w l y starting to feel a little normal again.

Q:How are your nights?
K:For the most part fine. I feed the baby every 2-4 hours, round the clock.
He's not on a schedule yet. He squirms and is more restless at night.

Q:Are you still wearing pj's most days?
K: Yes, they are comfortable and fit my body best. I don't feel ready for real life yet.
Although, real life is all around me.

Q: What is life like with 5 kids?
K: I don't know, YET. Brandon still sleeps a lot.
The older kids are gone at school during the week, so it doesn't feel any worse than usual, YET.

Actually this new baby experience has gone a little easier in some ways because my 3 older kids are older. They can get dressed, feed themselves, and even help me a little.
When I had newborn, #4, Sadie, my oldest was 6 and in half day Kindergarten.  That was crazy HARD with 4 little, little kids.  I had to read the family proclamation each day to make sure the church was still true in those days.

Q: What is Brandon like?
K: He is a great baby, for now. (I know things can change so I don't have my hopes too high, yet.)
He is mellow, cries a little, sleeps and eats great.  He is very cute, and makes great cooing sounds.

Q:Was Brandon a preemie since he was born about a month early?
K: I say no. He was about 36 weeks and 6 days.
We were able to go home from the hospital on Christmas Day, the day after he was born.
Brandon, thus far, has shown no health complications.

Q: What about his kidney problem?
K:Brandon has 1 enlarged kidney that is still functioning.
It is unrelated to his early delivery.
We are taking necessary steps to try to save his enlarged kidney.
He has 1 working, healthy kidney  - which is all you need to have a long, healthy life.
The Dr's still have yet to determine what is causing the problem.
Brandon will go in for tests later this week to determine the cause.
For now, he acts like a normal, healthy baby. Sleeping, eating, peeing, etc. 

Q: What other names did you consider for Brandon?
K: Chase
Buddy- since our family likes the movie Elf. (Just Kidding)
We didn't have anything picked out before. He was just Brandon to us.

Q: What went through your mind when your labor started on Christmas Eve?
K: I was in shock and in too much labor pain to analyze it at the time.
I'm still in shock and can't believe that it happened. It was crazy and is crazy.
I was prepared and ready to have a January baby. Life always throws you a curve ball.

Q: Did Santa come to your house on Christmas Eve?
K Of course!
Funny things were said and done about Christmas, between Chris and I, before we went to the hospital.
I wish there was a movie of that to show you all. Hilarious!
The children had a wonderful, magic Christmas morning.
I was in the hospital on Christmas Eve and most of Christmas Day by myself.
Chris made a movie of Christmas morning so I could enjoy it later.

Q: What is your labor story?
K: I'm too tired now to write that post. I will save it for another time.


Amanda said...

Loved the Q&A. I'm a little worried because my #4 is coming soon and my oldest is only 5, and not in any kindergarten until fall! I know you tried to warn me this summer, but it was too late!

MollyE said...

This post cracks me up. It is just so Katie, asking yourself questions and then answering them. Katie in a good way, of course!