Coming out of the Fog

As I slowly come out of the fog and daze of having a newborn,
recovering from childbirth, and suffering from stomach flu;
I have found theses 3 faces staring at me:

They are my kids not in school yet.
Tate, Sadie & Brandon.

''What are we doing today Mom?", they ask,
their eyes pleading for excitement.

They've all quickly lost interest in sitting on the couch watching
Matt Lauer, Regis, Barbara Walters, & Oprah with me.

"We could do quiet time in our rooms for a piece of gum", I offer.

"Yeah!" they squeal as they magically scamper up the stairs. 

Problem solved for at least 15 min.

Weren't all the new Christmas toys suppose to keep them busy the WHOLE month of January?


Stacey said...

Ah, look at those cuties. Hope you're all over the sickness now and everyone is feeling better!

Tricia said...

They ARE adorable faces though! :)