How I feel

This is how I feel after I have a baby.

I am always amazed at how I am up and around the day/week of labor.
Then I am completely, utterly wiped out after I have the baby.

I am very grateful for the army of people that
come in to help you after you have a baby.

Grandmothers, Sisters, Friends, Neighbors, Ward Members, and my willing Husband.
They've watched my kids, cleaned, laundered, made meals, etc.

It takes that many people to be ME - to do my job.
That makes me feel kinda good about what I do day after day.

I am still too tired to post much else.
I am home recovering.
Brandon is doing great.
Sleeping and eating.


Ingrid said...

Hi cute mom of 5,

What can I do to help???

Heidi said...

I love that you pointed out it takes all those people to be you. I never thought of it that way. Almost makes me want to have another baby so I can feel good about what I do.


I'm glad there are so many helping hands! You are VERY loved! Hang in there Katie!

Karen said...

Well it's a good thing Brandon is so cute, it sure makes feeling yucky a little better.

Kathy said...

After one of my babies, the Dr. Walked in the next morning and said, "Does it feel like a Mack truck went through you? If yes, then you are normal and I've always wondered why women describe childbirth that way!"

I was always stunned by how tired I was after giving birth.

I'll look forward to more pics and blogs when you've recovered from the truck!