What is this a picture of?

A. Proof that I really am losing my mind
B. A good photo of our dirty car
C. A crazy thing happening to me since I ran out of blog post ideas
D. All of the above

Answer: D

This morning after running errands, preschool drop-offs, etc.;
I noticed this phone on the back bumper of our car.
Yes, I ran errands all over town this morning with our phone on the back of our car bumper.
I remember early last night, putting the phone there, because I was outside doing a couple things around our garage and needed to hear our phone ring.

This will teach me to never tell you that I've run out of blog post ideas.
I will be cursed, and as my sister warned in a comment, crazy things will start to happen.


MollyE said...

That is so funny and amazing!!! Oh, and you need to do a post about your burb. Are you loving it? Do you miss your van? In Oregon this past weekend we rented a brand new Sienna and we both fell madly in love. Jeremy has seriously been van shopping this week. Crazy!!!


Sooo funny! Been there done that. By the way---I've thought of a few more names if you're interested.

Karen said...

No way! That phone did not stay on the bumper during all
if your errands. You're even a crazy driver. So funny!

Tricia said...

I canNOT believe it stayed there that whole time! I did the same thing and lost my cell phone off the back of my car in my neighborhood. A landscape guy picked it up and returned it to me!

Sara @ Our Best Bites said...

K, this is my most favorite Katie post. Ever.

Cathy said...

That is just THE FUNNIEST thing!