Running out of Post Ideas. Can you believe it? It is hard for me to believe too!

For the first time I'm actually running out of post ideas. Crazy. Or maybe just Pregnancy Brain Loss, or holiday stuff to do, or mentally getting ready for baby or something.

I've thought of a post about my favorite baby stuff - things I can't live without when I have a new baby.
But I know we all have different ideas and opinions about what works, so the whole post seemed kinda of dull.

I could post about how my new dishwasher is working. Great - not perfect, but much better than the original dishwasher from the house.  Sometimes bowls on the top rack come out with a little something on them or baked on caked on stuff is still left on cookies sheets or glassware.  There are buttons and cycles to use on the dishwasher for those types of hard cleaning projects, I just never run that cycle.  I need to be better about using foil on baking sheets anyway.

I could post our family's Santa wishes.

The other day, Tate came to me upset, in tears about being one of the shortest in his preschool class.
I felt bad for him. I didn't know if I should say "you're not the shortest" or tell him the truth-that because of his short parents this is his destiny. I told him he had a big personality. Chris suggested we tell him he is the strongest (muscle wise) in his class.

I've thought about doing a marriage post. It seems many of my blog readers knew me in college and high school and if I recall, I talked about boys/marriage a lot during those years - Looking for my true love!
I had all the answers to true love and marriage before I was married or had even been in a relationship with any boy. As my sister, Molly, would say I was ready to write the book "Love & Marriage, Expert Advice from a Single Girl".

Signing off for now, it's late, and I should try to sleep.


Heidi said...

Oh no! I hope you never run out of post ideas. Or at least your ideas come back after the holidays and your baby is born. Your blog is one of my favorites!

I was wondering about your dishwasher so thanks for the update.

Thinking of you.

Tricia said...

Ah, your true love! Sometimes I'll remember something you used to say and I wonder if you would still say the same thing now. I'll look forward to the day when you do your marriage post. :)

Thinking of you my friend!

MollyE said...

I run out of ideas all the time, and then something crazy happens like a strange baby in your house and it all comes back. I can't wait for your labor story! And I am always up for Santa wishes.