I found some Thanksgiving Photos

My sister-in-law suggested we do a talent show for the kids on Thanksgiving.
It was a fun idea and great entertainment.
I found these photos on my camera yesterday.

Sadie did a princess dance
 Kyle played the piano
 Tate did a magic trick
 Lindy was a backup singer/dancer to her cousin who
did a solo of "Party in the USA"
I wasn't able to get a good photo of that.

One of Chris' brothers came in from back east for Thanksgiving.
We wanted to get a photo of all the cousins together.
All of Dianne's grandkids.

The photos are out of date already.
There are 2 babies due in January.
My sister-in-law, Ingrid is having a baby the same time as me.
We are both having #5!
There will be 10 kids between both of us soon.

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