Some things we've done in December

 Kyle and Tate took a photo with a big hot dog car

 Lindy performed at a piano Christmas Concert
She performed the song, "Deck the Halls"
Kyle finished up his b-ball season.

 We took the kids to sibling, "new baby" prep class.
They learned how to swaddle, change a diaper, hold a baby, and had a tour of the hospital.
We had never done that before. It seemed worth it. We will see if it's worth it after the baby is born.

 (We often take our children out in public with their hair not fixed.
I feel bad about it, then forget about it.)

Kyle performed a reindeer dance in his pj's for school.
He's the one in the middle. 

We went to our city's Garden Aglow.
It is beautiful to see.

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