"With God Nothing shall be Impossible"

I had always heard the phrase/scripture "with God nothing is impossible" when I was growing up.
I didn't know the origin of the scripture or what is was in reference to.
I had no idea what book of scripture it even came from.
It seemed teachers or people would use this quote for any of life's circumstances.

One Christmas I learned the true nature of this scripture.
I was feeling sad and discouraged.
I had yet to have any of my own children,
and was still healing emotionally and physically from a miscarriage.

I began to read the scripture story of when Jesus was born in Luke.
In the 1st chapter,
the angel was visiting with Mary giving her important information regarding her future.
She, in turn, had questions for the angel;
regarding her own future pregnancy,
and also about her cousin, Elizabeth, who was miraculously pregnant in her old age.

The angel, to help answer her questions & concerns, said

"For with God nothing shall be impossible."
-Luke 1:37

"Hope" by Joseph Brickey

The scripture lept out at me and provided great comfort & peace.
It didn't reveal my future or even answer my direct questions.
I had no idea, upon reading the scripture, if I would ever be able to have my own children
or if things would work out the way I wanted them to.
But, I knew God knew my concerns & sadness.
I knew then, things would work out, according to his plan,
of what would be best for me, for Chris, and for our future.

Since then I have come to love this scripture,
especially for women, for mothering, for raising children,
and for difficult things we may be experiencing.


Laura said...

Thanks for this post. What a wonderful thought, and I needed it. :) Love your blog!

Janis said...

I love your blog! Always something useful and uplifting for us all!