Counting to Christmas

I've decided I like doing a Christmas Countdown with my kids starting on Dec. 1 to the 24th.
We do something each day, usually at night before bed.

I like to do this to give some balance to the Christmas Season.
I like the countdown having something to do with the Savior.

Last year I did pictures from the Savior's life.
They were on a wall, in the shape of a Christmas tree.

This year I'm doing the gifts the Savior has given to us.
I wrote each gift with a sharpie pen on a small ornament ball.  Then put the ornament in a small,
Christmas bag to unwrap each night.
For some of the gifts I have a little picture of Jesus that represents that gift. (I got some pictures from church magazines and I picked up a little pack of cards at Deseret Book store.)
Surprisingly the kids are into it,
and are excited to see what each gift is.
I have a scripture to go with each gift.
When we do the scripture, the kids lose interest. But, that's okay.

I keep losing the paper with my notes for each gift and it's corresponding scripture. I'm posting it here so I can find it easily, or if anyone needs an idea for primary or  F.H.E., etc.

    1. Birth- His Life, 2 Ne19:6, Luke 2:7
    2. His Stories, Luke 5:15 or pick a favorite story to share
    3. Miracles, ? We shared his walking on water story with Peter
    4. Friendship, D&C 93:45
    5. Forgiveness, Luke 5:24
    6. Light, D&C 11:28
    7. Loves Children, Luke 18:15-16, 3 Ne 17:11-12
    8. The Church, D&C 33:5
    9. Eternal Life, John 6:40
    10. Eternal Families, ? Share a temple picture or picture of your family
    11. The Way, Plan of Happiness, John 13:17, John 14:6
    12. Prayer, Luke 11:1-4
    13. Example, John 13:15
    14. Creator, 3 Ne 9:15
    15. Patience, ?
    16. Healing, 3 Ne 17:9-10
    17. Atonement, D&C 76:40-42
    18. Resurrection, Luke 24:5-6, 1 Cor 15:21-22
    19. Beautitudes, 3Ne 12:1-12
    20. Obedience, John 6:38-39
    21. Free Agency, D&C 101:78
    22. Mediator, 2 Ne 2:9
    23. Service, Mat 25:35-40
    24. Compassion, Luke 7:13
I love this large wall advent calendar from Pottery Barn Kids.  It is so cute.
I would love to make my own. I have other countdown ideas to try for future Christmases.

24 days of simple service -For ex: smile at someone, give somebody a hug, help mom, help dad, contact a grandparent, be a Secret Santa, etc.

24 scriptures about the Savior's birth story

24 Christmas songs - The Messiah

24 positive compliments to give to my husband and children

24 short Christmas stories or poems

24 gifts we can give to the Savior, let a family member submit 1 idea for a different day.


Karen said...

So cute, I love this idea!! If you saw my post tonight obviously we need a little more balance about the Savior in our Christmas celebrating too.

AmyMak said...

Love this idea. A plan is underway! Thanks for the reminder.

Kristen said...

Last year our primary made a countdown chain for each child, with a small service act on each chain (like the ones you mentioned). My kids loved it. They got to take a link off the chain when they did their service of the day. It was really fun.