I'm grateful for. . .

1. Pres. Monson's recent gratitude talk.  It was brilliant.
I believe being grateful will solve most of our troubles.
Or at least make our troubles fill much, much lighter.
I think it goes hand in hand with Pollyana's "glad game".
(P.S. watch the movie, if you haven't in a long time, it is wonderful.)
2.  My husband, Chris.
I'm grateful he wanted to marry me. I'm grateful he wants me to be happy. I'm grateful he's a great, great father. I'm grateful he gets up and goes to work day after day. I'm grateful he's steady and wise. I'm very grateful we can have a family together.

3.  Food
I think food is divine.  Marvelous. Amazing.  Hmmmm. Mmmmmm. Hmmmm.
I just love all food.

4. Music
Oh, how I love music. I could not live without music. It lifts my soul.
I'm getting teary just thinking about it.  Thank you to all who make music; play instruments, sing with your voice, write compelling lyrics, play in bands, and orchestras, etc. It is inspiring. I do not have the ability to write adequate words to express my gratitude for music.

5. My Computer
It does so many things. I enjoy using it. I keep in touch with family, do projects, be creative, write, record, keep in touch with the real world (since I stay at home the computer connects me), hear the news, enjoy family photos, etc. It is a tool, I love using.

6. Santa & Christmas Lights
I love Santa - I love the hope and magic he brings. I still get giddy and nervous on Christmas Eve knowing Santa is out. He has given me wonderful memories, and continues to do so!

The Christmas Lights are such a beacon in the winter, I wish we could keep them up all through January. They are so colorful, bright, cheery, and brighten every neighborhood. They make me happy.

7. Nature, Sunshine, Trees, Mountains, Beaches
Being outside enjoying the fresh air, the beauty of the earth is heavenly to me.

8. Our church, my testimony, the Savior
It is everything to me. It is me.

9. A pregnancy that has allowed me to be up and about.
I've been able to carry on throughout the pregnancy with good energy and health.
I've not been sick or needed bed rest. I've been able to attend to all the duties for our home, children and family.

10. The pilgrims, those men & women who left their homeland for religious freedom.
That must have been very difficult to do. Hard, even for us, to understand truly what they did.

(I just stuck with 10 things for this post.  They are not listed in any order of importance.)


Janis said...

What a beautiful list and I agree wholeheatedly with them all!!

Janis said...

#11 I'm thankful for your blog!!

Sally said...

What a fantastic list!


You express yourself very well. I love to read your thoughts and such. You are a wonderful person through and through!