Dust, go to sleep!

My mother had part of this poem hanging up in our house when I was a little girl.
It was from the 70's. It was some type of sewing, yarn project from that era.
It had a picture of a mother rocking on it made out of
gold, green, & brown thread colors from the 70's.
I vividly remember it and have always liked it.

I found more words to the poem and it describes me a little too well.

But I love it. LOVE IT!
So I printed it, framed it, and it will hang in the baby's room.
(I don't know the author, and moved a few phrases around to my liking)

Can't wait to hold and rock my new baby while all the "hullabaloo" goes on around me.

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Karen said...

Thats kind of how I feel today. My place is a mess and I"m just sittig staring at it as I feed Hunter.