Crayon Rolls

I saw this idea on a blog a long time ago. I thought it was cute and clever.
Crayon rolls made out of fabric or felt. Great for travel or long church meetings.
I was in the mood to make it. I went to work right away.
My mood to sew comes but once or twice a year. If it comes I must follow the impulse.

I made 2, one for Lindy and Tate over the summer.
It took me about 1-2 hours to make one. (That time is without interruptions, with interruptions: 2 days)

 On Tate's I used velcro to help keep it closed.

I made Lindy's taller to include markers too.
Tate was excited to use his finger to show which roll is his.
His is missing all the crayons.
(New crayons last maybe 5 sec. in our house -
broken, ripped, strewn all over faster than you can say CRAYON.)

My goal is to finish one for Kyle and Sadie for Christmas. (Probably not going to happen.)

I think this is a nice gift idea.
If you are ambitious here is the sewing link & how to's
I recommend looking at this link, to get a better picture and photos for what they look like.
(I did not sew mine with as much time, detail, thought, or all the same materials. I lack the craftsmanship, time, and patience that good sewers (is this a word?) have.

If you do not want to or have time to sew you can order them online here.
I just went to etsy.com and put crayon roll in the search box.
A lot of different ideas and prices for crayon rolls are displayed.

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