ABC Books

When Lindy was about 1 or so. I went to a Relief Society Craft night.
I made her an ABC book using photos from when she was a baby.

I liked the idea so much, that I made one for Kyle too. Then Tate, and I just finished Sadie's.

They aren't very fancy or professional looking.  I never got into the scrap booking craze.
This is all I have ever done as far as scrap booking goes.  I didn't make baby books for my kids.
These ABC books are my kid's baby and only scrapbook.

They are each a little different.  About 5X7 in size.
They are fun, didn't take up too much work, and the kids have enjoyed them.

Here are the covers for each book:

Here is a sample page from each book:

Lindy's book:
The "P" page.
I used stickers and just hand wrote words that started with the letter "p".

Kyle's Book:
The "H" page. I let him make this book with me.
I got Alphabet stickers for this book.  Kyle put the stickers on crooked.
He also put the photos on crooked too, and I just hand wrote words for this one as well.
Nothing fancy at all.

Tate's book: 
The "B" page.
I finished this book while I was in labor with Sadie in the middle of several nights.
My goal is to finish the book before the next baby comes. I barely made it with this one.

I like how this book turned out. I used stickers for the letters again and lots of scrapbook stuff.
It was a little more time consuming, but I like how it turned out.
I didn't do any words for this one, just photos, stickers, and scrapbook stuff.

 Sadie's book:
The "C" page.  This book is a photo book made online using snapfish.
I love making photo books, they are easy to do. This one didn't take too long to make either.

Sometimes the tricky part is finding a photo/image for each letter of the alphabet.
In Tate's book, I actually took pictures of some stuff, like an Apple or an Umbrella.
In other books I just got creative like: Ow or Ouch for O, or eXtra cute or special for X, a photo of a baby sleeping for Z's, etc.

P.S. I'm sorry some of the photos are sideways, I'm too lazy to adjust them. Hopefully you get the idea.

These could give you a gift idea. They are good for the 2-4 year olds.



My kids would enjoy these. Have been thinking of making something like them for Christmas. I don't develop pictures.....so the kids never get to see them. I know they would enjoy looking at pictures of themselves. We'll see if I get it done.....ha!

MollyE said...

I love this idea!! So cute!!

Janis said...

Katie, I love your blog! So many great ideas all the time. Will be adding my prayers for the new little baby on the way!

Karen said...

I love these. Now I need to make one for Haylee and Hunter