Now, I'm one of those moms blogging about that.

When you blog long enough, eventually you have to share the bad and the good.

The bad news: our baby has 1 enlarged kidney. Some type of blockage, that will need to be repaired after the baby is born.

The good news: The pregnancy is going fine, everything else with the baby is normal and great.
I can carry to full term. The problem is treatable. The other kidney is strong and working just fine.

How do I feel?: Up and down.  We won't know the full details until the baby is born.
Everything is being done to ensure that we have a healthy baby and I have a healthy delivery.
I don't want to worry too much right now, until we have all the correct details and facts.
I know that we have the power of prayers, fasting, and the Priesthood to help us.
Even then, sometimes, it may not be the will of Heavenly Father, for things to be 100% fixed, perfect.
I recognize that, and know we always have things to learn and experience when life doesn't always work out just the way we want. I know Heavenly Father wants this baby to be healthy just as much, if not more, than we do. We've involved the kids a little, to teach them about these experiences and to involve them in saying prayers. It is sweet to hear, and I appreciate their excitement for the new baby.

I don't want you to worry, or feel bad. That is not the intent of this post.  It just felt wrong to be posting about other random things when I have this on my mind.  I appreciate when others share their ups and downs on their blogs. It helps us all to relate to on another, and it's often helpful to see how others work through their life's ups and downs. I believe we can all help and learn from one another.

Enough about that, there is much to be happy about and fun things to keep us feeling good.
It's fall time, a wonderful time of year.

Here are a couple of fun things, that I've seen recently in blogland:

These look great and easy to make with kids:
This idea is from Kristin - Her blog link & recipe.

I loved when Sarah from Clover Lane showed how easy it is to make homemade Apple Pie.
This was great!

For a little advice and insight about finding time for yourself;
I loved, loved this post and concept:
 Thanks Melissa, for your 320 Sycamore blog.


Tricia said...

Thanks for sharing this Katie. Life is certainly full of ups and downs and we can learn from the faith and experiences of others. I am praying that all will be well with little baby Wells.

MollyE said...

You are so strong. Thanks for sharing this on your blog. I know how hard it can be to put your troubles out there. We are praying for your family too!