We did it

We bought the "Burb".

In the end, we needed something that could tow.
(Minivans can, but not over years of use on winding mountain roads.)

We needed something that could give us cargo space.
(Most other SUV options don't give you that.)

We went for the 9-seater. Not to have 7 kids of our own, just for extra space and seating options.
We have a lot of cousins that all live near us on both sides of the family.
It's nice to be able to throw a bunch of kids in the car.
(You can't get 9 seats in a minivan)

I think minivans are wonderful and we didn't buy a suburban to be cool or trendy.
The new honda odysseys aren't on our local car lots yet. I plan to take a peek at them when I see one.
I was wondering if I should have held out, before we got the "burb".
For all of the above reasons we went ahead with buying the "burb".

Now, that we've had a suburban, though. I have enjoyed it a lot more than I thought I would.
I really like driving it, it's much easier than I thought.  Not like driving a truck.
It really is great sitting up high.
Kids do just fine getting in and out.
Gas mileage, for now, has been better than I thought.
We drove a used minivan for 8 years (It was 10 yrs + old), and this is a nice change.
We are all enjoying it.

Cons: No storage underneath seats or on backs of seats, or anywhere really.
Our seats are light cloth. No good for mud and kids. Still working out ideas to protect our seats.

*For the curious, we sold our minivan through Craig's List. I had never done any business with Craig's List before. It went surprisingly smooth, and another nice family came along and seemed happy to get our minivan.  I think we got a little more selling private party than by trading it in.


Tricia said...

Very nice! I think you'll be really happy with it. :)


Glad you are enjoying it. I keep looking to see you driving around--seems I used to pass you often in your minivan....now I'll know what to look for!