Tate started Preschool

Tate started preschool this week.
It was a long wait for him.
His older siblings started school a couple weeks ago.

He only goes a couple days a week.
He wants to go everyday. He loves it so far.
He'll be 5 next month.
So he's getting tired of always being home with mom, while the others go off to school.
I feel kind of bad for him. But he'll survive and Sadie still needs someone to play with.

Now that Tate started school this week,
Sadie is also feeling bad that she's not in school too.

Adjustments and Change are always kinda hard.

Speaking of adjustments and change.
My body changed this week.
From feeling great about the pregnancy to feeling very pregnant.
Achy, swollen ankles, big, cumbersome, loss of bending over,
how much longer until this baby comes attitude, tired, the calendar is depressing=I have a long way to go still, my clothes don't fit, maternity clothes fall off, etc.

Trying not to complain, just recognizing that pregnancy is never easy.


MollyE said...

yeah, you do have a long way to go if your maternity clothes aren't even fitting yet!!

Kristen said...

Oh those pregnancy feelings are still way too fresh in my mind. Bleh. Hang in there!