Silly Bands

When I was in grade school I enjoyed these different trends:

Trading Stickers:
glitter, foil, puffy, scratch 'n sniff, etc.
I had a sticker album and I loved my collection and trading.
Probably one of my favorites!

Making and Trading friendship pins

Making friendship bracelets. A great recess activity!

Collecting Charms!
They were so cute, all the different ones.

For Lindy this year it is
Silly Bands
rubber bracelets that come in all different shapes.

The teacher has already sent an email home to parents, 
that these bracelets are becoming disruptive in class.
Being thrown in the classroom!
Uh oh.
So Silly

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MollyE said...

I saw those at the store. I thought they were for your hair, I almost bought some for myself!