Love this song!

Anchor by Mindy Gledhill.
The whole album is great really.

P.S.  I miss the days of just buying a cassette or cd.
Getting your favorite music or song has become complicated to me.
But, I'm sure to others of you the process is easy and simple.

If any of you are like me - love music - but feel a little confused about how to get music now that it's digital.

Here is how I get and listen to music these days.

*For Free: (You must have a computer and speakers for this to work.)
youtube.com - In the search box, type in your favorite song or artist
playlist.com - In the search box, type in your favorite song or artist - make your own playlist.

For about a $1 a song:
I use itunes.  It is fairly easy to use and when I love a song or album, I don't mind paying for the music.
There are lots of ways to buy music besides this, but this is the easiest for me.

Getting the music off your computer and into your car, your room, kitchen, or for exercising is another issue all together. I will have to let you know how I do that for another day.

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I have a little surprise for you at my book blog today. Go check it out. :)