My September has been one thing after another.  Just life, really.
I don't even have the kids doing any classes, sports, or music or anything.
For whatever the reason there were long lists of things to do, people to help, we've been in and out, our calendar is filled, there have been ups and downs, good news and bad news.
My poor mind hurts.

I don't like being busy, having so much to think about.
I'm not putting this post on my blog to show how cool I am or not cool I am for being busy.
It's just I wanted to put this as a journal entry.
September 2010 has been one of the busiest of my life.
Sadly, I don't see this season of my life letting up any time soon.

One thing that I've learned this month.
Heavenly Father is involved in all the little details of my life.
He helps me get through each day with tender mercies.
A lift here, a burden helped here, letting a moment or something happen smoothly.

Then when the big things come, and you really need his help.
(The big things can include:
Health, financial, family relationships, employment, housing, sickness, etc.
This list is for all of us.)

You are praying and praying
and it seems he's not there, or not answering your prayers for the big things.

It has dawned on me quite clearly - if he's in the little details of my life everyday.

Then for sure, for sure -He's helping me in the BIG things of my life.

I may not understand everything today, or why it seems answers are withheld for a time.
But he knows what is best. He is aware and knows the big picture.

The little things -the tender mercies -remind me that he is in the big things in my life and family.


AmyMak said...

I hope you are alright. I've been thinking about your beautiful family and hope the pregnancy is going well. I don't like being so busy either. I just want to slow down and feel peace. This is a hard stage of life to do that. Thanks for the post. Very timely for me too.

Cathy said...

Thanks Katie - I needed this.