The Pumice Stone

I love using this to help clean my bathrooms. It is great for toilets, bath tubs and even showers.

(Careful not to use it to clean your hardware/handles on your sinks or showers.
Read the directions for where to use it.)

It's all natural too. It works well, without being a strong, harsh chemical.
You can find it in most cleaning sections of your local stores.
It's not expensive either. Maybe $3.00??

Here is a fun fact for you:
"Feet are the most neglected part of a woman's body.
I recommend keeping a pumice stone in the shower
so that smoothing away calluses and dry skin on the heels and pads of your feet
becomes a part of your shower routine." -Bobby Brown, makeup artist

If you decide to get some pumice for your bathroom,
whatever you do, don't use the same pumice on your feet that you use to clean your toilet!

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