I had a great weekend!

This weekend I got together with my sisters and my mom.
Our husbands watched the kids for us.
It is always fun and great to be together.

We all did this:
A women's fitness celebration. We did a 5k race. You can guess whether we all ran or walked.
It's the largest women's only 5k race in the nation. Always FUN!

 I loved eating a sandwich here:
So Delicious! The next time you're in the mood for a great sandwich.
Go to the Great Harvest Bread Co.

We talked until way too late in the early hours of the morning,
and ate a lot of candy corn, licorice, brownies, ice cream, m&m's, etc.

We made these cute magnets:

We watched and listened to Pres. Monson at the General Relief Society Broadcast on Saturday night.
If you missed it, make sure to listen to Pres. Monson's talk.
It was really, really good. A lesson for all of us.

Stop watching  & judging everyone (other women, neighbors, etc.) through our own dirty windows.

Thank you Sally for a great weekend!
Thanks to all the husbands for watching the kids for us.
We appreciate you!
We all had a wonderful time.


Rebecca said...

"Lunch with Katie" all weekend long, heavenly!

Janis said...

I was thinking about all of you all weekend. Glad it was so wonderful!!