My Fun Facts

Last year on my blog I had fun doing fun facts for some of my family members.

Here are some fun facts about myself:
  • I like peanut butter milkshakes from shake places. (I don't make homemade ones.)
  • I would love to live in a beach town. 
  • I like hiking, biking, and walking for exercise. Maybe a little aerobics.
  • After watching the movie the 6th sense years ago, I can't watch scary movies anymore.
  • I love pie. I could eat it everyday for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
  • I like and think about cars more than I should
  • I love real estate, homes, and floor plans
  • I wish I could move every 2 yrs. (I grew up doing that)
  • I love change.
  • I went to 3 elementary schools, 3 jr. highs, and 3 high schools
  • I didn't do well in school. I got low grades.
  • It's a miracle I got into college. I will never reveal to you my ACT score.
  • As a complete shock to me, I graduated with 2 college degrees.
  • I bawled ( the really ugly cry) the day of my BYU graduation. I just could not believe I was a college graduate. I was so Happpeeee! (Picture me saying that with tears in my eyes)
  • I love New York City. I lived there for 2 mons. while I was in college.
  • I have never been to any part of Europe and would love to someday.
  • I'm a romantic.
  • Chris, my husband, was my first kiss on my 23rd b-day. I never had that as a life plan - first kiss from future husband.
  • I had bad dating luck, very bad. The guys I liked, never liked me. So I never wanted to kiss any of my strange dates. If I was lucky enough to be on a date that was somewhat normal, they never tried to kiss me.  One time I was with a guy I liked a lot and he tried to kiss me after he said he didn't like me.
  • I didn't go to my sr. prom. 
  • I have delivered 3 of my babies without epidurals. I didn't plan on that. I don't like natural labors. It did not make me feel like more of a woman. 
  • Sakes alive, I'm pregnant with #5, and fearful of labor already.
  • I love the color red, cool blues come in a close second, and yellow always makes me happy.
  • I've never had a pedicure
  • I love public speaking
  • I like opera
  • The Ocean Blue was my favorite music group when I was a teenager.
  • I need to eat a little chocolate everyday.
  • Water scares me.
  • I love, really love music
  • I love fine art. I would love to collect fine art and have a museum. I love art museums.
  • I really love being a mormon, really love it. I'm a mormon geek.
That's enough for now.


Amanda said...

Pregnant!!! Congratulations! I have had 3 epidurals and loved them! I don't think I would purposely try the other way now that I have had such great experiences.

Andrea said...

Congratulations on #5! I had my first pedicure last year, it was fun but mostly because I went with two of my daughters and a friend.

Karen said...

That was a fun post! I learned lots of new things about you. I thought you loved scary movies. And I didn't know your first kiss was on your bday.

Tricia said...

I love how you slipped in that little fact about #5. CONGRATS! I was happy that I knew quite a lot of those. :)

MollyE said...

You're so sneaky slipping in your news! I am in absolute shock about the pedicure thing. That is a tragedy, and now I know exactly what we are doing for our birthdays this year!

AmyMak said...

Kate - congratulations! you introduced me to the ocean blue and I remember all those funny bad dates - "he shushed me!" good post.

Ingrid said...

you are the cutest pregnant, chocolate-loving, pie-loving, public-speaking loving, Mormon geek I know!


Katie--(this is Stephanie, just in case it posts otherwise) I have to ditto Ingrid's comment! (I hope that's alright) I LOVED reading about you. Thanks for sharing. I might add: your #5 makes me a little baby hungry.....only a little. Hope you're enjoying the summer. Congratulations!

Kristen said...

Woo hoo #5!!! I am so excited for you! Please share more. When are you due, how are you feeling, etc.....

PS. I remember driving around in my little Toyota pickup with you listening to Ocean Blue. I was so upset the day the cassette player ate the tape.

Kathy said...

Congratulations, and thanks for sharing all the wonderful things about you!! I found out that I have alot in common with you, minus the pregnancy, but I did have two boys and two girls, and then #5 and we waited until the Delivery Room to find out who had won...boys or girls! Girls rule at our house!